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„Hi, I'm Alex.
As a freelance photographer and videographer, my passion and creativity drive me to continually improve, pushing the boundaries to develop innovative ideas that captivate my clients.
I strive to create unique and impactful images and videos that tell a story and evoke emotions. Continuously exploring new techniques, materials, and locations is my quest to provide an unforgettable experience for my clients.
Whether it's photography, videography, weddings, or commercial projects, I always aim to give my all, treating each endeavor as if I were my own customer.
As a photographer and videographer, every shoot presents a new challenge, allowing me to continually reinvent myself. The ability to capture moments and emotions, preserving them for eternity, is something truly special, making my profession a wonderful adventure. Each time I witness how my work touches and excites people, it fills me with pride and joy.
The pre-planning, playing with light and color, capturing spontaneous and natural images, engaging with interesting and open-minded people, embarking on adventurous actions even in the worst weather just to capture that one scene – all of this makes my profession the best I could imagine.“


tel. +49 159 0122 8367

Munich based.


- IAA Munich

- ELIF Music

- Trendhouse event marketing

- Haus Freudenberg / Uni Credit

- Haarwerk am Tegernsee

- Global Eventmates

- Haus der Kunst

- Murmelz Communications

- Sarah Kaspar Trio

- Dietrich

- All Monte & Friends

- Michaela Keune

- Die Bergblume

- uvm.

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